Techcrunch-AOL : la chanson

Il fallait bien qu’un fan allemand nous concocte une petite chanson en hommage à Techcrunch, suite à son rachat hier par AOL.

C’est chose faite ; on aime… ou pas !

Auteur : Christoph Grimm de la startup

Les Paroles :

Oh Wake up, wake up, it’s eight o’ clock on a wednesday morning
I’m checking my mails and Google Reader – yeah I know, It sounds boring

I open up the Techcrunch feed and I still cannot believe

Oh Techcrunch, Techcrunch you help Startups get a little exposure
We’re one of those and you’re the reason investors signed our non disclosure
We even found the one, so we’re glad that you found a nice one, too

I hope TC stays the same
There’s not a thing that I would change
Because you’re amazing just the way you are

Techcrunch’s not your blog
Infact it belongs to all of us
That makes it amazing just the way it is

Hey Mike, do you listen
I want to say thank you for you’ve done.

And congratulations for selling Techcrunch to AOL
Greetings from you beloved clone-capital Germany