La Chanson du HTML 5

Voici Web Standards Hoedown ou la chanson du langage HTML5 et des standards du Web.


Ecrit et interprété par la gang du développeur Bruce Lawson, auteur d’un livre sur le HTML 5.

Les paroles :

All this HTML5
makes me feel like I’m alive
I can’t wait to use it, me oh my!
I find it so uplifitin’
that with and some scriptin’
I can build myself a whole UI.


Hold your horses, friend
It’s just a means it’s not an end
you can just use HTML and SVG!
Use the shiny things now
But you gotta learn just how
to use them semantically.


Who gives a damn who I’m frustratin’?
Look – my webpage is rotatin’!
If you can’t use it, I don’t care.
Your browser’s blocked, quite rightly
if you don’t use this nightly
With this API I use just cause it’s there.


Sonny, I’ll give you the low-down
At this Web Standards hoedown:
Leave those guys and come and dance with me.
Let the specheads go square-dancin’!
We’ll be progressively enhancin’:
using standards semantically.

We’ll use the standards semantically.