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Dec 29th, 2011 or Internet Movie Database, is part of Amazon’s network of Internet sites. Film and television enthusiasts use the site to learn more about their favorite actors, films and television shows. The site was developed in 1987 by Col Needham. By 1990, Needham opened the site to allow users to search and create information regarding movies and television. Over the years, the site continued to grow and celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2010. It was incorporate in 1996 and in 1998, Amazon purchased the site and made IMDb a subsidiary. Col Needham continues overseeing IMDb as chief executive officer.


IMDb offers a variety of services to the millions of visitors of the site. Users can register an account on IMDb for more personalized services and privledges. Its many services include character and film biographies, instant viewing of television shows and movies, message boards and the ability for registered users to rate films listed in IMDb’s database. Actors, directors and other industry professionals can upload and post their resume on the site for a fee. It also features forums for members of site, trivia and applications for smart phones. The site also gives box office sales information and lists movies opening each week.

The site is broken down into seven sections highlighting movies, television, news, videos, the community, IMDbPro and IMDb’s applications. On its main page, it shows which actors and actresses were born each day, top news, photo galleries and TV recaps. It also lists what’s airing on television, at the box office and what’s being released on DVD and blue-ray. IMDb’s data base holds over two million titles, including movies dating back to 1888 and over 4.4 million industry professionals.

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