The website is the Microsoft search engine for finding whatever you want on the World Wide Web. A beautiful background wallpaper awaits you every day you use Bing. You can even scroll back to the previous day’s picture if you missed it. Microsoft has a powerful network of convenient Internet services and sites to help you find what you need quickly.

Bing logo

Search engines need to find relevant matches for keywords. Bing uses a complex algorithm for finding the best sites. Bing is recognized as being better for natural word searches. It has more advertising on the right and left margins than other search engines.

Experts have calculated that Web surfers have a higher “success rate” with Bing than with competitors. It is easier to link into the Microsoft network of services, like MSN and Hotmail, using convenient tabs.

These are some of the common tabs found on

+ Explore
+ Images
+ Videos
+ Shopping
+ News
+ Maps
+ Travel
+ Entertainment
+ Search History
+ Hotmail

The Explore option lists all of the wonderful things you can do on Images and videos are increasingly popular multimedia avenues for sharing content. Bing is most effective at Shopping so people can find products and services. Maps and the travel sections are perfect when preparing for a vacation. Find directions to where you are going easily and effortlessly. Check out the latest news too. All of this is at

Multiple languages are supported. Users can even make Bing their homepage. With geolocation, the site recognizes where you are so it can better match local companies to your keyword searches. Over time, you can even gain Bing Rewards by using affiliated products and services. You can probably spend all day on the great site.

“Microsoft Network”

The primary benefit of is linking into the Microsoft Network. Use the MSN Explorer web browser to search on the Internet. Receive you messages in your Hotmail box. is a colorful search engine offering a tremendous amount of features for finding anything and everything you need to live a great life.

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