World Record for Most Comments on Facebook

By Vincent
In Social Networks
Jan 30th, 2012

Cathy Matthews and her group on video game Frontierville (Zynga) just broke the world record of most comments on Facebook with a minimum of people.

“If you’ve ever played Frontierville before, you know: it takes a certain sort of person and it takes a lot of time. Cathy Matthews has spent hours harvesting digital crops and chopping down electronic trees. Then, she and her Frontierville friends came-up with a quest of their own: break the world record for Facebook responses to a single post.”

107 fans wrote 1,001,291 comments. This is 4357 comments per fan!

world record comment facebook

Watch Fox Video here.

But this is not the world record of most comments in absolute numbers (with a minimum of people, yes) : Justin Bieber has 7.4 million comments on his “Baby” video.

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