Windows of Opportunity : GM develops interactive car windows

General Motors plans to produce interactive, transparent, touchscreen car windows in the near future.

The Windows of Opportunity (WOO) Project is in partnership between General Motors and students from the FUTURE LAB at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Israel).

“The task: Conceptualize new ways to help rear seat passengers, particularly children, have a richer experience on the road.
The Windows of Opportunity (WOO) Project was inspired by psychological studies indicating car passengers often feel disconnected from their environment, GM asked the Bezalel students to turn car windows into interactive displays capable of stimulating awareness, nurturing curiosity and encouraging a stronger connection with the world outside the vehicle.”

Till now, they developed 4 applications :

“Otto, an animated character projected over passing scenery that responds to real-time car performance, weather and landscape. With Otto, passengers can learn about their environment in fun, playful ways.”

Otto interactive car window

“Foofu, an app that allows passengers to create, explore and discover through finger drawing on window steam.”

foofu app

“Spindow, an app that provides its users a peek into other users’ windows around the globe in real time.”

Spindow app

“Pond, an app that allows passengers to stream and share music with other cars on the road, downloads favorite tracks, and share messages with other passengers on the road.”

Pond app