What’s in a Name: Apple faces $1.6 Billion Lawsuit over iPad

By Aimee
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Feb 8th, 2012

Apple, one of the largest manufacturers of technological products, is facing new troubles. We’ve all heard of the troubles that Samsung faced in Germany against Apple. They claimed that Apple infringed upon their patent for their 3G wireless design. Apple successfully won the case – twice, when the second lawsuit was thrown out of court. Now, however, Apple is facing bigger troubles – one that may force them to change the name of their coveted iPad.

iPad Chine

Proview Technology filed a lawsuit in China for $1.6 billion in damages claiming that Apple is infringing on their use of the name iPad. iPad, they say is a name that has been used in China for different products since at least 2001 when it was registered. Proview Technology filed for a temporary restraining order that would prevent Apple from selling the iPad in China’s mainland where the name is registered. The company expected a decision within 48 hours from Shanghai’s Pudong People’s Court, but acknowledged that the process could take longer. It is unclear which way the restraining order will go.

It is anticipated that the decision will go against Proview Technology as Apple is extremely popular in China. The popularity of the products in the last two years has caused fights to break out with the release of new products. Steve Jobs – the founder of Apple – is heralded as an innovator, not surprisingly. In this regard, many Chinese residents are against the lawsuit, claiming that something fishy is going on.

Apple has not publicly commented on the lawsuit, they are simply focusing on their case. In addition, Proview Technology is not releasing the status of the negotiations. Executives of Proview are saying that while the matter is under wraps, Apple is not conforming to negotiations. Big surprise, since Apple has successfully won other lawsuits claiming infringement. Once the decision to the restraining order is released, we will see how this case plays out.

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