Terrific Beautiful Video Portrays Preemie Baby’s First Year

Ward Miles Scot was born July 16, 2012, 3.5 months before his due date. Ward spent 107 days in NICU, coming home on Halloween, 2012. Ward’s father, Benjamin, chronicled his first year on video, compiling the footage in a astounding beautiful montage set to the song “Happiness” by The Fray. Benjamin presented the video to Ward’s mother, Lyndsey, for her birthday.

Ward Miles Miller, 16 months old. - Credit image : Ben Miller

Ward Miles Miller, 16 months old. – Credit image : Ben Miller

The video begins by showing the first time Lyndsey held Ward, when he was four days old and just under 1.5 pounds. For nearly two minutes, we see nurses helping Lyndsey to adjust the many tubes and wires connected to him. Finally, she is able to sit back with Ward lying on her chest, tears streaming down her face. The video continues, showing scenes of Ward in his isolette, Lyndsey alone in an empty nursery at home, nurses adjusting tubes, Lyndsey smiling through the plastic of his basinette. Finally, Ward was able to come home. The final two minutes of the video show him, smiling and playing, eating his birthday cake and enjoying life.