Sexy Geekette

Here is a personal selection of sexy geekettes, gamer girls, warriors, superheroins & female nerds.

To understand what a geek is, please see this illustration.

Miranda Lawson:

Miranda Lawson

Twin Elfs:

elfes jumelles

Nintendo Gameboy Geekettes :

Gameboy geekette

Robe Gameboy

R2D2 Girl :

R2D2 femme

Swimsuit :

maillot bain geek

Sci-Fi and woman of the Future :


Ninja Woman :

Femme Ninja

Super Girl :

Super girl

Black Widow (Marvel Comics) :

Black Widow

Iron Girl :

Iron Girl

Star Trek :

Star Trek costume

Flash Girl :

Flash femme

Green Lantern woman :

Green-Lantern femme

Padme Amidala (Star Wars) :

Padme Amidala

Princess Leia (Star Wars) :

Princesse Leia

Tron Legacy Girl :

tron legacy geekette

images from: geeks are sexy, dumbfruits, geekologie,, fashioningtech

  • Didn’t expect to find something like this on a tech blog, but I must admit those are some pretty looking girls, lol.