Samsung Plans to Topple BlackBerry Through a Business-Friendlier Android

By Aimee
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Mar 2nd, 2013

Not content with just outmaneuvering Apple, Samsung’s sights are now set on a new competition — Blackberry. In a report by the NY Times, Samsung, which has sold the highest number of smartphones global-wide over the past year, has invested in new features on their Android software to make it highly secure for businesses.

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It is to be noted that BlackBerry’s security features, as well as its private communications network, is the biggest thing going for the smartphone brand, and has since made Blackberry the most preferred mobile device for I.T. professionals. The Blackberry 10, moreover, has also been designed for business use, specifically with its tools for creating distinct “personas” for personal and business purposes.

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Now Samsung is set to offer all of the above and more, with the primary goal of making their smartphones the preferred choice in the corporate world. As a way to persuade I.T. managers that Samsung phones are malware-proof, the company made updates on their Android platform through the Knox software, which was launched at a trade show just recently. When the latest Galaxy smartphone will be launched in the second quarter, it will already possess the new Knox software.

Samsung is also dead-set on meeting the standards of government agencies, added the New York Times, especially as they have partnered with military contractor General Dynamics. Another partnership is also in the works with AirWatch, which will be responsible in providing I.T. professionals with tools required for security customizations on the business persona of a Samsung smartphone.

The updates done on Samsung’s Android will soon allow users to create personal and business “personas”, very much like the tweaks available on the Blackberry 10.

Samsung’s VP for Enterprise Sales Tim Wagner expressed confidence that Samsung will soon be the top smartphone brand in enterprise, adding emphatically that where Samsung “chooses to be No. 1, the company will be No. 1”.

source: nyt

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