QR Code : How does it work ? (reader, scanner, generator, decoder)


Everybody does not necessarily know what a QR code is. These small black and white squares are among us.

QR (for Quick Response) is a more powerful bar code than the traditional barcode. I can be read by mobile phones (smartphones) equipped with scanner applications of QR codes. It is used mainly to display website addresses (URLs) in Ads.

QR Code can store up to 7089 numeric characters, 4296 alphanumeric characters or 2953 bytes (8-bit binary).

It was invented in Japan in 1994 for tracking parts in a Toyota car factory, and put under open source code in 1999 (free License by Denso-Wave even if they still own the patent rights and the Trademark).

-QR Code Generator : qrcode.kaywa.com, QRStuff.com, ZXing Project
-QR Code online Decoder : zxing.org/w/decode.jspx
-QR Codes Readers : mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/

Google recently introduced the QR codes in its URL shortener Goo.gl (you simply need to add .qr to the end of the url goo.gl. Example: goo.gl/Mmi3y.qr to display the url of Vincentabry.com with a QR code).

Url shortener Bit.ly has also followed the same process recently. Principle is the same: you add .qr to the end of a bit.ly url (Example: bit.ly/ahBfXe.qr).

QR Code :

QR code

Tradionnal Barcode :


QR Code in a Newspaper :

code-QR journal

QR Code in Street Advertising :

code QR publicite

Demo Video with iphone app :


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