New Facebook Buttons : Listen, Watch, LOL, OMG, Play..

Facebook Like button won’t be alone anymore. The Social Network will soon launch different buttons like Watch, Listen, Play, Cook, Read…

Developers will also have the ability to create their own buttons like OMG, LOL, CUTE, LOVE, WTF, etc. Website is a good example as the site is proposing these kinds of buttons in partnership with Facebook :

facebook buttons

If for instance you click on OMG (Oh my God!) on one of their posts, you are brought to a popup window like this one :

facebook app

Connect and you’ll see on wetpaint website the +1 count on OMG icon :

omg button

This action will automatically appear on your Timeline like this : (if you have authorized it)

action timeline

So basically, now we just don’t say “I like” but “I do” (“do” equals many possible actions or mood).

For now, Facebook has made this possible with 79 partners : users can integrate these apps directly on their Timeline.
We are just waiting now for standard buttons for editors/blogs.