Microsoft Trying to Gain from Google’s Pain

Chances are if you use any type of Google service, you have seen the recent announcements that Google is updating its privacy policies. The privacy policies they say are important to users as they plan to incorporate your username into all of the services they offer. The plan, Google execs say, is to make Google more efficient to use, rather than having to sign in and input your information with each service. Microsoft execs, however, are calling out Google saying that it creates a real privacy issue for Google’s users. All of this debating has consumers wondering: what is the real effect going to be as a result of the changes?

microsoft watch

According to Microsoft, users should have the choice whether to share information with different services, not just have them automatically integrated. Microsoft’s stand is that Google’s policy will only make it harder for Google users to protect their personal information. Google was quick with an answer and said that not only will the changes make Google more effective overall, users will not have to work as hard to search for information. A search in the Google search engine will yield results from all of Google’s services including Gmail and Google+.

The chief spokesman of Microsoft, Frank Shaw, said that Microsoft’s resources allow users to specify if they want to merge their information across various products such as Cloud. Is this an attempt for Microsoft to lure users away from Google? If actions speak louder than words, it most certainly is a marketing ploy. It is well known that Microsoft’s tools and resources fall behind Google’s in popularity. A newspaper ad was taken out by Microsoft advertising the fact that they do not integrate information and if Google users feel violated, they should visit and use Microsoft’s tools and resources. Will it work? Only time will tell.