Michael Arrington starts the CrunchFund with 20 million dollars

Founder of tech blog TechCrunch (bought by AOL in September 2010) Michael Arrington is launching a venture capital fund called CrunchFund, starting with 20 millions dollars.

Crunch Fund Michael Arrington

One of the most high-tech world’s most famous bloggers is coming again in the world of start-ups investments. The CrunchFund (official name) will have $ 20 million to invest and Arrington will partner with Patrick Gallagher from Vantage Point Venture Partners.

As mentioned in the New York Times, the investment fund raises the question of conflict of interest, especially if Arrington has some influence to write on Techrunch.com about companies in which he has invested. (Edit: NYTimes just changed its text and is now saying that “investments would not influence TechCrunch’s coverage“.

Fortunately the blogger also resigned as editor of Techcrunch. He will continue to write for the blog but will have no influence on content (in theory).