Justin Bieber first video was on Youtube in January 2007 [Infographic]

January 15, 2007, Pattie Mallett created an account on Youtube (“Kidrauhl”, son of “Lordrauhl”).
January 19, 2007 she uploaded a first video of her son singing. It was for family and friends. A low quality video…

Justin Bieber Infographic

Ok you understand now… canadian singer Justin Bieber who is today an international mega star can thank his mother for this cold day of january 2007 ^^

In 2008, Scooter Braun discovered Bieber’s account while surfing on Youtube. He became his manager and presented him to Usher, who introduced him to Music Label Island Records.

Today Justin Bieber is not just a music star, he is also an Internet Popstar :

-no2 account in the world on Twitter : 16.7 million followers
-no10 channel on Youtube : 1.4 million subscribers
-no11 Facebook page in the world with 39.4 million fans

His video clip “Baby” is the all-time most viewed video on Youtube : 695 million views, 7.3 million comments, 1.1 million likes / 2.2 million dislikes.

Justin Bieber Infographic:

Justin Bieber

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