Google Set to Finally Launch Drive, a Dropbox competitor

Those who are familiar with Google products – Gmail, Docs, Calendar – will be excited to hear that Google may be finally releasing their online storage device. The storage service will be appropriately named Google Drive – or GDrive for short. The company is rumored to have had this device in the works since 2007, however it was not successfully completed or released.

Google Drive

Google could have been well ahead of innovation if they had released the GDrive service back in 2007 as they planned. However, since that time, other storage companies – such as DropBox – have entered the scene with similar services taking away the opportunity for Google to capitalize on innovation. This is not to say that GDrive doesn’t stand a chance, it plans to offer competitive prices to draw customers away from competitors.

Google’s main storage service now is Google Docs, which offers users 1GB of space for no charge. If users need more space, it is much more affordable than Dropbox’s accounts which cost $9.99 per month and $19.99 per month for 50GB and 100GB, respectively. Google Doc users can purchase 20GB for a mere $5 per year. If more space is needed, 80GB is available for $20 per year, far less than the competition. GDrive will interact with other Google products, effectively forming a single platform in which all of your documents, photos and miscellaneous items are stored in a single location.

Speculation is in the air in regards to whether or not the product will actually be released this year. Some people are skeptical due to past rumors that proved to be false. This may or may not be the case and only time will tell.

Will Google fare well with GDrive? If past experiences with Google products are any indication – Google will not only succeed in the venture, but will draw customers away from competitors – for good.

image: digitaltrends