Fletcher Automated Capstan Table

If you think tables are no more than bulky, stationary things, this Fletcher Automated Capstan Table will surprise and impress you in equal measure. Designed by DB Fletcher Designs, a purveyor of designer and customized furniture based in the UK, the Capstan round table expands its seating capacity by transforming into a bigger-sized round table with just a push of a button. The table may be expanded and manipulated manually as well. The Capstan Table is able to achieve this through self-positioning expansion leaves installed within its structure. Built using high-grade materials, this table is made for residential use as well as for yacht installations. With its fine construction, the Capstan Table may also be used outdoors, whether inside or outside homes or externally, on marine decks. When expanded, the table improves its size by as much as 73%.

DB Fletcher Capstan

The Inspiration for the Capstan Table

It was in 1835 that Robert Jupe patented a table design, which would later on become an inspiration for DB Fletcher’s Capstan Table. While the Jupe table also relied on radial operation, it did not have the capability of containing its own leaves, lacked the speed and efficiency needed for a seamless operation and did not feature a perfectly-round appearance.

While the design of the Capstan Table was significantly inspired by the Jupe Table, DB Fletcher made sure that his table featured not only a beautiful construction, but an easy-to-operate practical function as well. Thus, his design is simple enough for easy operation but complex enough to command a strong impression. The table is composed of several parts, including three sets of table leafs, drum, table drum and drum skirt. All these work to produce a distinctive, automated table that expands in a snap.

With only a few units of these Capstan tables produced yearly, each table easily commands a selling price of anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000. With its unique design and superb construction, the Capstan Table has earned features in many design magazines and boating publications worldwide.

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