Facebook Eyetracking : Timeline versus Old Profile

Some people already love the new Facebook Timeline but some others hate it.

Ok now let’s compare Timeline with the Old Profile, using eyetracking software Eyetrackshop. Green zones are the less visible on the page whereas red zones are the most seen areas on the heat map.

“Facebook Timeline cover photos get noticed first.
Facebook ads get noticed more in Facebook Timeline.
Personal information such as employer and location gets more attention in the new Facebook Timeline.”

More visibility for Ads you say ? So the Social Network can expect more revenues in the future… You’d better love the new Timeline profile you folks :-))

Facebook visualization

Visualization order Facebook

Time eyetracking facebook


  • Rafeeq Rahiman tirur

    pls give me answer for how to change my face book previous account from timeline

  • sumit

    i want to remove my facebook timeline

  • suraj patil

    i want to remove my facebook timeline

  • kuforiji oluwatobi

    i want to remove my facebook timeline