Encyclopædia Britannica stops printing, Hello Britannica.com

The Encyclopædia Britannica has been published for the first time somewhere between 1768 and 1771. Its last edition was printed in 2010. And it will indeed be the latest version on paper since Jorge Cauz told to the New York Times that 2010 edition was the end of Britannica on paper.

But relax… Britannica will always be present on Internet via its website and it will focus on publications for schools (the majority of its revenues). And hope comes from the web: 500 000 people pay $ 70 per year for a full online access to the encyclopedia. Not bad.


Britannica is one of the most reputable English-language encyclopedia and “regarded as one of the most scholarly of encyclopaedias”. It has a hundred full-time editors and about 4,000 contributors specialized in various fields. The 2010 edition had 32 volumes (totaling nearly 130 lbs of paper) and cost $ 1400.

What contributed to the end of Britannica on paper are Sales: 120,000 sold in 1990 in United States and only 8,000 in 2010… But we can also add … Wikipedia …

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