Download Kik Messenger Free Chat IM

By Vincent
In Mobile
Nov 10th, 2010

Kik Messenger

Download the new Kik IM app (direct link) from on your mobile for Free.

This new realtime text & chat messenger is coming to all smartphones in the world like crazy.

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Compatible with Blackberry, iPhone (and iPod) and Android Phones.

1.5 million downloads in only 2 weeks! This app is hitting the web, the mobiles and the world at the speed of light.


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9 Responses to “Download Kik Messenger Free Chat IM”

  1. jitender says:

    i am male 21 year old, location – new delhi,, india

  2. jitender says:

    i love to chat

  3. mcsahabi says:

    i will like to have a good friends who can care about ben with me and doing what i will like

  4. sonja yolanda blackman says:

    My new samsung galaxy 2 tablet ok my name is sonja blackman deaf ok

  5. Princess Ashy says:

    Hi im new to kik

  6. Nelson says:

    i love my people

  7. Nelson says:

    i love. to meet people

  8. timmy says:

    hi i am new to kik

  9. natasha says:

    I love kik