Crop Circles Possibly Not a Hoax

For the longest time, the crop circles phenomena in southern England have been considered to be no more than a prank, instigated by David Chorley and Doug Bower who confessed to have perpetrated the hoax as early as 1978.

Crop Circles

image : wikipedia

However, Tasmanian historian Greg Jeffreys is convinced on the supernatural veracity of the crop circles and has presented a new round of evidence that strives to explain why some of these crop circles are not entirely man-made. These evidences come in the form of photographs sourced from Google Earth’s most recent 1945 overlay, which Jeffreys has judiciously studied for more than 300 hours. This Tasmanian historian’s exhaustive investigation resulted in his conclusion that the crop circles have, in fact, been existing for 33 years before 1978 – when the two hoax masters Chorley and Bower first began their work – and that these circles have been more or less consistent during that entire time.

The Google Earth overlay, as explained in Huffington Post, contains several images in sequence that has been taken during the concluding days of the Second World War. The images encompass a wide expanse of England and also include one of the more popular regions for the crop circles, Wiltshire.

It is to be remember that in 1991 Chorley and Bower confessed about the methods they used to carry out the crop circles prank, using planks and barrels to trample their way into creating the circles at night all over Southern England’s wheat fields.

However, these new study results by Jeffreys suggest that there is a lot to the phenomena that had remained under-investigated. His contention is that an ionized plasma vortex, a type of electromagnetic energy, had been responsible in the formation of the crop circles.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Jeffreys also presented the possibility of this phenomenon representing an entirely new field of science.