Chatroulette the uncensored webcam-shuffle website

Chat roulette

By now almost everyone must have heard of it, Chatroulette is a brand new, simplistic website, allowing you to interact randomly via your webcam, with an infinite amount of strangers all over the world.

Due to its uncensored nature and to the fact that its use is free of charge; you need to understand that a single click may lead to encounters of the worst kind and so it will be wise that you keep away all the youngsters from this website as there are all types of things displayed there.

Browsing the website for 30 seconds, will definitely give you a clearer picture of what it’s all about. Though it could be very nice to be able to communicate with folks from all over the planet, the awful contents that you will see there are likely to make you turn away from Chatroulette forever.

Basically, the idea is a good one, but running this type of website without any monitoring, seems to be a lack of commonsense.

On the other hand, improving and customizing this type of webcam-shuffling feature for use on dating site, implementing some filtering options (search according to : sex, categories, age, public or mature etc…) could be the next logical step to bring dating websites to a new level, even though this concept has already been widely used in America.

I will personally advise you to stay away from this website, but if you are still in the mood for some socially depraved scenery, then you can check out this video:

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