Aweber or Feedburner for Emails ?

Aweber Feedburner

We do not hide it, email marketing is a formidable weapon for those who know how to use it.

Some U.S. marketers (and more and more French) do indeed sell only with email newsletters. Combined with a landing page or a squeeze page.

But then, what should I use: Feedburner and Aweber?

The answer is in the use you make of it.



-It is free, regardless if you have 4 or 400 000 subscribers.
-It is safe at google spam
-Double opt-in (the person must register by itself, enter a visual confirmation code, and then reconfirm by clicking a link sent by email) and this protects you from a legal aspect
-Automatic sending of your blog posts every day on time and time zone you want
-Possible customization of the message, subject and name of the sender (email “from”), insertion of a logo
-You can customize the first email confirmation by adding your links
-You do one setup and you’re done


-No ability to send an advertisement once a week or a single mail newsletter to your subscribers without first appearing on your blog. Unable to send messages like an auto-responder.



-Best-auto-responder on the market
-Double opt-in to avoid spam
-Use Aweber powerful servers, which are white listed (hence the interest to go through such a service rather than risking configuring your own mail server)
-Used by many top U.S. marketers and more and more French (9 out of 10)
-Great if you have a product to sell like an ebook
-Pre-configuration of your messages in advance and answer/auto re-send
-Complete customization by inserting the name of the person anywhere in the subject and message body
-Choice of “forms” to put on your site
-You can send unique messages (ads, articles for your readers to email subscribers only) or 1 time per week, for example for advertising
-You can even send your blog posts automatically (it offers the same service as feedburner, sending the RSS feed to your mailing-list)
-Create unlimited lists, follow-up messages and sites
-Powerful search / filter your subscribers (adding date, active subscribers, custom fields, …)
-Creates a sales funnel that increases the number of buyers (with feedburner it’s simply impossible)
* Additions:
Aweber-can be put on standby for several months if you want to stop sending emails. Your account will remain open for a fixed price of $ 4.99/month (confirmed with the technical support). With this option, web forms and follow-up messages are disabled but you can still send broadcasts for $ 0.03 per email. You can reactivate your account at 100% at any time.


-except you have to pay for the service, I see no disadvantage.


For use with a blog and if you have nothing to sell or that it is not your main objective, I recommend Feedburner. It’s free, regardless of your number of sites and subscribers. On the other hand it is limited by the fact that you can not send automatic reminder or ads, or simply a unique message. If you have something to sell it’s a disaster.
But AWEBER instead is perfectly suited for that. This is the best autoresponder on the market and I recommend its use if you have one or more products for sale, ideally your own products as a course, an eBook, software. With only one account, you can create as many newsletters as you want, all customized.

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