Android leads World Smartphone Market with 52% market share

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Nov 16th, 2011

In Q3 last year, the top operating systems on smartphones were Symbian (Nokia, ..) with 36.3% market share, followed by Android (Samsung, ..) with 25.3%, iOS (Apple iPhone) with 16.6% and RIM (Blackberry) with 15.4%.

Well for the same period this year (Q3 2011), Google open source OS Android begins to dominate the World with 52.5% market share while Symbian is relegated to 16.9% , iOS 15% and RIM 11%.

Mobile Sales Q3 2011

The mobile phone industry grew by 5.6% in terms of sales over the same quarter of 2010. For Q3-2011 they amounted to 440 million units of which 115 million were smartphones (an increase of 42% compared to Q3-2010). A big growth is coming from China and Russia.

For the best-selling smartphones Nokia leads with 23.9% followed by Samsung with 17.8% of sales. Together Nokia + Samsung represent 42% of mobile sales. LG comes in 3rd place with 4.8% share and Apple in 4th place with 3.9%.

Smartphone Sales

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